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Personalize Your Living Space With Hand-Crafted Items

Stop by our local shop in Shell Rock, IA

There's nothing quite like hand-crafted woodwork to make your home stand out. And the right craftsman can create unique wooden pieces that are personalized to suit your taste. But it's not often you find a local shop that offers custom woodworking services along with fresh local produce. Zahner's Country Store in Shell Rock, IA has everything you need for a beautiful home or a perfect gift.

With years of experience in the custom woodworking industry, we have what it takes to create beautiful and long-lasting wooden crafts. We can also build barns and other wooden structures. Come by today to see what we have at our local shop.

See what we have to offer

When you stop by Zahner's Country Store, you'll find that there's more to us than meets the eye. Not only do we have great gifts and décor, but we also provide fun for you and the whole family. Come to our local shop to:

Explore our selection of gifts and décor
Book custom woodworking services
Buy produce and fresh eggs collected from our 30 chickens and 6 ducks
Meet our farm animals

From fresh eggs, collected from our 30 chickens and 6 ducks, to Christmas decorations, we've got what you're looking for. Visit today and start shopping.

Plan your visit today

Whether you're looking for fresh produce or want to add a barn to your property, Zahner's Country Store has you covered. So head on down to our local shop today to plan woodworking services, meet our animals or just take a look around.

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